Moving to Kew? 6 Epic Things To Know About Living in Kew!

Are you planning to move to Kew? Are you excited about the move? People might have to consider various elements, from the Removalists Kew partner to the entertainment options in Kew. When people choose a new location to relocate, they might usually consider all the necessary factors. They might not randomly pick a place and pack their bags. People would choose a place with the hopes of a better future. It would be imperative to check all the relevant aspects to select the ideal location. In the digital era, people can learn more about the site.

Why should people know in-depth information about the location?

Removalists Kew state that people should develop an intricate understanding of the region and not just the tourist attraction. Though these avenues provide ample recreational options, they would not directly impact the livelihood. People will have to know more about career options, education, cost of living, safety and more importantly, the community. This is because this will help them to identify the various opportunities in the region.

As the leading moving company that has worked with unique customer requirements, we have highlighted the epic things to know about living in Kew.


This is one of the foremost aspects, as people will need to have a proper source of income. If you are moving to Kew for job prospects, it is essential to know more about the career prospects in the region. Even if people have an offer letter, it would not hurt to know about similar companies in the area.

Cost of Living

We live in a time when the cost of living is consistently increasing. This is an essential option as it will determine everything from the rental value to the everyday expenses. People can check various community forums to understand the overall cost of living.

Rental Options

Are you planning to rent a house or purchase one eventually? The cost of real estate is rapidly increasing across the globe. People will have to check the average price for a median property. If you plan to settle for the long–term, looking for buying options would be prudent.


Most people fail to calculate these expenses when they move. People will have to pay for utilities regularly. They can check for the price of electricity and gas in the region. The net average calculation will give them an idea of how to approach the subject.

Type of Neighborhood

Everyone deserves to live in a calm, secure and friendly neighbourhood. Kew is an affluent suburb with a strong sense of community. It has been an ideal choice for young families and professionals.

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If you have children, check for schools, colleges and other extracurricular activities. Kew has private and public schools that help students shape their future in the right direction. People can also check for different activities to develop unique skills.


People will always have to check for public transportation options as well as private commute details. Kew has both buses and trams that connect them to Melbourne CBD. Moreover, this region’s traffic is not as congested as other major cities. The proximity to Melbourne CBD makes it a popular choice.


Kew is considered a safe place, and the crime rate is relatively low. It is essential to check these aspects before planning the move. Various reputed sites and even the official city website will provide the current statistics on these avenues.


Kew has a temperate climate, with warm summers and mild winters. The moderate temperature in the summer is around 25 degrees Celsius, and the average temperature in the winter is about 12 degrees Celsius. Kew receives an average of 650 millimetres of rainfall per year.


Kew has a strong sense of community. There are a lot of local clubs and organizations in the region that will help new residents connect with the community meaningfully. Identifying your core interests and choosing the right club, whether rotary, sports or art, would be essential.


Kew has a vibrant and diverse recreational scene with parks, sports arenas, rivers and restaurants. There are different activities for various age groups and events to participate in as a family. People can make a plan and explore these areas once they have settled in the new location.

What are the key aspects to consider while relocating to Kew?

People must take all the necessary steps while relocating to a new place. The first aspect would be to choose reputed Removalists Kew. These specialists will be able to handle the complex process of packing all the items and moving them to a new location. This is a physically straining and time-consuming process. Sometimes, people underestimate the amount of work that goes into this process. This can lead to excessive stress and strain. There is also the possibility that people might accidentally damage the goods. Hiring a moving company to assist with the process is essential.