Reliable Furniture and Office Removalists Essendon North

Our Vision

Dial A Mover is committed to achieving the highest standards of professionalism in furniture removal services in Essendon North.

We are dedicated to building a strong brand as reliable furniture and office removals in Essendon North. Our company is established with the vision of easing the burden of moving for customers all over Essendon North. We aim to be the preferred choice for movers, for packing and unpacking services in Essendon North.

To expand our network of loyal customers by 30% over the next 5 years.   We are working hard towards building strong brand visibility across Essendon North.

Our Mission

  • To be among the top 5 brands for Interstate removals, Furniture removals and office removals in Essendon North.
  • To excel in customer interactions and provide exceptional customer experiences.
  • To provide safe and reliable packing and unpacking services in Essendon North.
  • To be the most affordable removalists in Essendon North with competitive pricing options.

Our Values

“To build a customer-centric brand with personalized, innovative solutions for removal services”

As furniture removalists near Essendon, our core values foster a culture of diversity and respect.  We work on values of accountability and collaboration.  Over the years, this has enriched customer experiences and our service offerings.  We believe in:

  • Efficiency that aids affordability.
  • 100% integrity and determined focus on all moving projects.
  • To be renowned for exceptional customer service during removals
  • To garner trust based on responsible customer interactions.
  • To build a large network of removalists partners to guide customers beyond Essendon North.
  • To provide knowledge-based guidance to help planning and scheduling of removal services.

If you are looking for trustworthy mover, then Dial A Mover is the ideal choice to help you make your moving to Essendon North worry-free.  We pride ourselves on our efficient processes, our meticulous planning and zero damages. We are known as reliable removalists in Essendon North.

We specialize in:

  • House Removals, Essendon North
  • Office Removals, Essendon North
  • Furniture removals, Essendon North
  • Packing services and Unpacking services, Essendon North
  • Interstate removals, Essendon North
  • Moving large heavy items, Essendon North. Our professional team are expert piano movers who offer piano removal at competitive prices.
  • Junk removal services, Essendon North

About us

Helping people move within the city and across the state has been our passion for decades.  We take pride in easing the anxiety of a big move whether it’s personal or business.  Our team collaborates closely with customers to plan and schedule an efficient removal process.  It is our job to make sure that furniture removals happen with zero damages and 100% safety.

Our removalists services span across Essendon North and other areas like Essendon, Brunswick, Parkville, Fitzroy, Asot Vale or Essendon. We also offer our services anywhere across Melbourne and we can make moving so easy for you.

You don’t even have to worry about the costs.  Our prices are extremely affordable and are highly competitive in the market.  We use durable, safe materials to keep all your possessions intact while you move.  We are the affordable removalists in Essendon North that you want to hire.

Isaiah Seru,

Owner, Dial A Mover

Removalists Essendon North

Safe and Quick Removalists that make moving your business or home easy at Essendon.

We understand that a move means a big change, which can be emotional and stressful.  Our team of removalists in Essendon North are trained to handle these situations with calm and tact.  We follow a simple process which makes it easier for the customer to plan sorting and prioritising the packing.

Therefore, it is important to hire the best professional removalists near you.  A big change in your life requires some professional guidance and we will be there to help you make it through without a fuss.

We are committed to making a difference in the lives of the customers with our simple efficient approach.  Our team of friendly removalists will help ease your anxieties with a detailed plan and brief.

Over the years, our experiences has positioned us among the top long-distance moving companies.  We are reliable for moving through state lines and within the city.  We take every tiny detail into account.

Central to our work culture is the focus on exceptional customer services.  Our team works very hard to give you a pleasant moving experience. We ensure that all your possessions are handled with utmost care and gentle handling.

Delicate goods are our top priority and we use only high-quality packing material.  More than 30 years of packing and unpacking, we have achieved a 100% success rate with no damaged or lost goods.

The best part about everything is our friendly moving team who will guide you in every way possible. They are always ready to discuss the moving process with you and clear all your doubts.

Unloading tv from truck
Standing in front of high end home moving job
Dial A Mover truck outside Apartment in Essendon
Lifting heavy furniture upstairs

Residential Moves

We have established ourselves as a reputed removals brand in Essendon North in May of 1999. Today, Dial A Mover has grown into a reputed moving brand. We have a wide network of trusted customers. They do not hesitate to recommend us to their family, friends and co-workers as Experienced movers in Essendon.

Why do residents in Essendon North choose us for packing services?

  • Residents in Essendon North choose us for many reasons. Many customer reviews about removals in Essendon North has given us a reputation of being the best with fragile items during furniture removals in Essendon North.
  • Our packing materials are durable and offer 100% protection. We use only high-quality cardboard boxes, packing paper and bubble wrap.
  • We follow a simple, efficient process for packing all furniture. We always begin with a protective layer over all items.
  • Safety and protection of your belonging is our first priority. That is why we use bubble wrap for all fragile items.
  • Every box we use is labelled and make sure that every item is listed. This aids efficient unpacking services as well.
  • Many customers choose us for home removals due to our expertise in handling chinaware or glassware. What is precious to you is also precious to us. We ensure that they are wrapped tightly and placed well in the box.
  • We handle electronic items with care and make sure they are packed separately from other items. We wrap it right and ensure all the delicate areas are protected well. We position the gadgets right so that it doesn’t shake or get damaged during the move.
  • Pictures, Mirrors, Lamps are precious to us too and we keep this on our high priority list. We ensure we do it right so that your home is intact even as you move.
  • Another item that we are very particular about is your musical instruments. Our team is trained specifically to ensure musical instruments are treated the right way. It is packed accurately to avoid damages during the move.
  • We provide full insurance for all our services. We are the Insured removalists in Essendon North, that you need.
  • We over 25+ years of experience in the industry and we know how to do it right.
  • We believe in being on time and always arrive prepared for every possibility.
  • We provide free moving and packing advice. Relocation to Essendon North can never be easier.

Office and Commercial moves

Moving your business is personal and we take extra care to ensure that everything is done right the first time.   Over the years we have watched numerous organizations shift smoothly from one place to another with our professional help. It is our duty and responsibility to offer professional removal services that you complete your move smoothly without impacting your business.

We take care of all the logistics and appoint a supervisor to oversee the entire process. We provide an all-inclusive service and take care of following:

  • We help you begin your work smoothly at the new location. We have a team that helps to organize the change of address and phone number. This will ensure you don’t lose communication gateways with your customers.
  • All heavy furniture is handled by us. We take care of all storage items like cabinets and cupboards.

All official files are handled with care and packed in the same order.

Our services are affordable and cost-effective.

Interstate Moves – Worry No More

Moving to another state requires a lot of planning, organizing, classifying and labelling.  There is anxiety for the big change and worry about loss / damage of goods during transportation.  Customers often fret about costs of moving and not having the budget to accommodate all their precious belongings.

Dial A Mover understands the sentiments of a move to another state. The need to hold onto important possessions of emotional value.  We have made our pricing affordable so that customers don’t have to choose between their favourite possessions. We have a lot of interesting pricing options. This will help you in making a smooth, no-worry move.  You don’t have to leave behind your favourite pool table or your piano.

Customer satisfaction has always been important to us.  Customer loyalty has driven our business as we help numerous families and businessmen through the moving crisis.

We have a calm efficient team who understands where to begin and how to take you through the move stress-free. Our experience in moving families right across Australia, has helped us achieve great success in safe packaging and delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do I choose the right removalists in Essendon North?

It is important to choose removalists who are reputed, accountable and trustworthy.  Check for customer reviews, online ratings or speak with your neighbours to get the right recommendations for your big move.

Before you decide to go ahead with your removal service, check if the hired professional is insured. Although professionalism, experience and quality are an important part of a removal service. Insurance is a crucial part to ensure that all your possessions are treated with care.  It is also important to cover unforeseen circumstances like accidents.

Get a clear breakdown of costs after getting a quote from your professional removalist. Also check with them on the services included. Does it include packing, unpacking or transporting your items?

2) How much does it cost to hire a removalist in Essendon North?

The costs to hire a professional removalist in Essendon North will vary according to the size of your move and the number of removalists needed to complete your move.

The approximate rate for hiring a team of two removalist is about $60 to $70 per half hour. It will cost more if you require a larger team.

There are other factors that could influence the cost of removals in Essendon North

  • The amount of time it takes to load and unload the truck
  • The distance travelled by the removalist
  • The level of access to your residence also determines the costs. Like, the number of obstacles, the number of flights of stairs, steep driveways. No access to parking in front of your building could also impact the cost.
  • The number of large or fragile items that require special attention, like plants, piano removals, pool table removals or antiques.

3) How far in advance should I book a removalist in Essendon North?

Ideally, it would be perfect for you to book your removalist 2-3 months in advance. Otherwise, you may not get a professional removalist for your preferred date.

4) What should I do on moving day in Essendon North?

On moving day, confirm with your professional removalist the pick-up locations and drop-off for your possessions.  Also ensure there is full access to information and the crew is well prepared for the size of your move.   It would be prudent to reconfirm your contact numbers and address details with the crew on that day.

get a personalised quote

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Otherwise you can contact our team by filling out the details of your job request below.