Are you looking for a reputed Removalists Kew company? Dial A Mover, the professional and experienced Kew Removalists, has extensive experience in the segment that enables them to understand the core expectations of the customers and deliver effective solutions. The company has had the opportunity to work with unique customer requirements right from Kew packing and moving to storage. We have developed a systematic approach that enables us to streamline the operations and provide effective solutions. We have a team of Top-rated Kew Moving Experts who are well-versed in the nuances of the sector. We strive hard to offer the best solutions at competitive prices.

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Why do people choose Kew?

People choose Kew as this is a safe and family-friendly region. The place has various schools and colleges that make the location ideal for a family with children and young adults. The proximity to the CBD would mean that people will have access to varied career opportunities and can relax away from their busy lives. Kew also has a relatively low crime rate, which makes it one of the safest suburbs. The region has various amenities and entertainment options that increase the overall popularity of the area. This is why people feel inclined to move to Kew.

Why are people reluctant to hire Professional Removalists Kew?

The primary point of concern would be the cost of the project. At the outset, the amount is higher than DIY projects. However, when people calculate the time and stress of handling the move, people will have to depend on their friends or family with access to a truck. They might have to pay extra for the packing materials and also get assistance to carry the goods to the vehicle and the new property. There is a strong chance of damage when people attempt it without prior experience.

How can Local Kew Movers help with the relocation?

When people hire Kew Removal Services, we will undertake the responsibility to evaluate the nuances of the client’s requirements. Dial A Mover has over two decades of experience in the segment that allows us to comprehend and deliver effective solutions. One of the notable advantages of hiring a moving company is that we will provide end-to-end solutions. Customers need not worry much about the process and will have time to focus on other essential aspects. Some of our services include


Dial A Mover offers the best professional packing and unpacking in Kew. It is imperative to understand that this is a delicate process where the company will determine the packing style and materials based on the product. Fragile items might need specialized materials to safeguard them during the move. We will help the customers to source the packing materials at competitive prices. Moreover, we will also use effective techniques that will help us to warrant the safety of the materials throughout the movement. We will accurately label them to avoid any confusion.


One of the biggest struggles that people face is the transportation of goods. It is natural to wonder why this is a complex process. People must identify practical measures to move the goods from the house to the vehicle. This might seem straightforward if the home is located at the ground level. However, this is not always the case. Residential Removals Kew companies must get special equipment or manually move the goods to the vehicle. They will also have to tackle similar challenges at the destination.


Commercial Removals Kew companies will help with the unpacking process. This can also be tough as people might feel overwhelmed with multiple boxes. People might not even understand how to start the process. This can cause significant delays while settling into the new property. Reliable Kew House Movers will take the initiative to identify the essentials based on the inventory and help them with the process. This will simplify the process of unpacking and help the customers in the long run.

Dismantling and Assembling the Furniture

Another essential responsibility of Best Kew Moving Company is to handle Kew Furniture Removal. This can be a complex process as large furniture will not fit in doorways and lifts. The chances of damage are also exceptionally high when people move these items. Another essential aspect is that it might occupy much space and increase the project’s cost. Experienced Kew Removalists will dismantle the furniture and assemble it at the destination. However, it is imperative to understand that these tasks need adequate technical expertise. The company will be cautious to know comprehensively about the style and techniques. The representatives from the company will dismantle and pack all the parts separately and adequately assemble them. This is why we are the best Kew Furniture Delivery partners.

Value Add Services

Dial A Mover also provides other specialized services to benefit the customers. Our experience has taught us that people might not require additional support during relocation. We help them clean the property so that they can hand them in the proper condition. We assist them in installing their application in the destination. This will help them save time finding a service provider in the region. We also help them to organize drives to Declutter their goods by selling them in a garage sale or donating them to worthy causes.


Dial A Mover also provides storage options to customers. As the leading residential Removalists in Kew company, we understand that people might need time to find the right property or move to a new location. We offer storage solutions at competitive prices.


A lot of people don’t realise that relocating from Kew to Melbourne is completely possible. It’s even easy with our removalist services in Kew. We’ll take care of everything for you, so you can breeze through the whole experience without breaking a sweat. A few reasons why Dial A Mover is the right choice for all your removalist needs in Kew:

  • We’re efficient and friendly. We don’t just get the job done, we make sure that you’re comfortable and happy with how it’s being handled throughout the process. Our staff is trained to be courteous and helpful, so they’ll treat your belongings with care and respect. They’ll work hard to ensure that nothing gets damaged in transit, so you can rest easy knowing that you’re in good hands when hiring us for removalist services in Kew.
  • We have great prices. When you hire us for removalist services in Kew, you won’t need to break the bank. Our costs are affordable enough to fit into any budget, and to provide you with peace of mind over whether or not this move will put too much strain on your financial resources.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do removalists in Kew charge?

Removalists Kew will charge based on the nature of the project. If the customer has a few things, the charges would be minimal. People can estimate roughly based on the number of rooms or products. Alternatively, they can also ask the representatives from Dial A Mover to visit their house or office to provide an estimation.

Are removalists in Kew insured?

Yes, leading companies will have insurance for their vehicles and even employees. However, they encourage customers to insure their products for a small upcharge. If the home insurance covers the products during transit, they can use it. Otherwise, it would be better to insure them.

How early should I book a removalist in Kew?

People can make a tentative booking well in advance. If it is a last-minute booking, the company will allocate based on availability. There is a slight possibility the charges might be high in these cases. However, customers can make a booking and later change it by discussing it with the removalist, Kew.

How long does a typical move with removalists in Kew take?

The leading removalist, Kew, can complete the project within a few days. They will usually take a day or two to handle the packaging. The company will then send the product by truck to the destination. The time will depend on the distance and the other relevant aspects. Nevertheless, the company will provide the intimation well in advance. 

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